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Anonymous said: That's good, if he makes you happy then that's great. But how is everything else? Like with the whole mess? I think the last time we talked was like spring break lol

He really does. As for the whole mess, I know who this is now haaha. You can call me now. Love you.

people on tumblr who call me by my name are my favorites

Anonymous said: Oh lol okay I was just checking cause I didn't want to bring it up if you guys had like broken up or something lol But I'm glad you guys are still together last time we talked you were all lovey dovey with him lol

hhahaha of course we didnt break up, i mean come on, its me and jacobie. we’re perfect. hahaha yeah im still pretty much the same way with him ahaha whens the last time we talked? im pretty curious as to who this is ya feel

Anonymous said: But honestly, how have you been? I wanna ask if you're still with jacobie but idk if you think thats weird

I’ve been okay, I’m getting better. Lol you’re on anon so why would it matter if I thought you were weird anyway hahaha but yes we are still together haha

Anonymous said: Idk, I hadn't heard from you in a while I just wanted to make sure you're the same girl I knew

still me, still eat sleep and breathe drama

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